1st day blog. Saturday 11/12/2011

12 Nov

Wow , here in Sammamish , Wa. I sit. Looking out my window , tis about 3:30 Pm and my fav weather forcaster is saying we could be in for SNOW with-in the next 12 days.  I live at about 500 ft above sea level and we always get a dusting.

I do hope so much that the snow is gone if any, in time for me to drive to Portland and see the Rose City T girls again, The Halloween party was my “1st party out” dressed after a hiatus of approx 8 months from a traumatic  outing by “Chicano teenage girls”  I truly thought I was not going to be affected by this however I was.

Now I am out again,  I want to say that Victoria of Over the Rainbow has been such a help to me, my makeup and believing in me is way over the top.  When in Portland I always stay with her at her B&B.

I am renting from a Male Alpha a room and  before I came down to PDX  the first time I gave him a letter about me being transgenderd and what and how it means to  me.  He and I sat down and as he read it he asked questions and then said “ok, don’t push it at me.  If you have another tansgirl like you here (Karen  Williams and I often had tea at my apt) let me know.  And if you are leaving here dressed tell me, I will leave or go down stairs until your gone, and before you come back, call me so I can disappear.   So far that has worked out ok, However, I am feeling 2 things,  1 i cannot be my self in the house (dressed) and two its his house so why should he hide.

So I am looking for a appt. that is below 800.00 a month either here in Seattle close to the church I go to , or in Pdx

One of the reverends at my church knows I am Transgenderd and we wanted to start a Transgenderd  group.   I gave him a DVD titled “Just like a Woman” This DVD plays like I wrote it; I told the reverend that this move has levels of emotional impact that the GG woman portrays well as the TV shows his venerability.

Last night i went dressed in Boy mode to get a meal as a Vietnam vet.  I met a woman and we struck up a conversation , exchanged e-mails and I could tell she was “interested in me as male” however my fingernails are long and she noticed them , including that i did not get all the red out from the quick.  This led to questions and I almost told her then that I am TS , however my mind lept to 1. she really dosent know you . 2 I have been told to wait till the 3rd date and so on.   I called my counslor and she said i should have told her that night.  So now I am asking for feed back,, when do  you think i should tell a female suitor that I am TS.

Thanks for reading and replying .




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