Thursday night Out with the Girls

2 Dec

Hi all readers, tongint was the first night in a while that i went out with all the girls, I was at my Church until 15:00 hrs,  3 Pm,  and 25  miles away is my home, it took me until 17:00 or 2 hrs to go those 20 miles,  I had intended to get home, shave, shower and get dressed to go to dinner with them however that didn’t happen, so I took my time and did my makeup  got dressed in my new skirt and blouse and left to the main meeting at 8 pm.  I made it there ok and saw lots of friends, Had my pix taken (thank  you Barbara Ann, may I have a copy) . We heard that some of ours fav after meeting landing spot is opening back up so perhaps next thusday we will be there first, otherwise its the Ballard eagles,  that was packed tonight.

I am looking forward to spending time with Victoria of Over the in Portland , and attending the Xmas party . This year is a fist for me because I was married for 28 years and had my wife by my side (always in boy mode) now I am just me, and stepping out as just me being Robyn, well its interesting to feel the emotions and deal with them,

ok its 2 am Pacific time so I am headed to bed , just wanted to write this before I forgot it ,


Girls  Robyn



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