Friday Afternoon abt 4:15

3 Dec

Hi, girls,,

Well here it is friday afternoon,, I just finished lacquering my artwork to the canvis , have it in the bathroom with the door closed and vent sucking out the fumes.  I am headed off soon to see what Energetic Matrix is all about.  I have a friend who does that and I am very interested in it.

I got my sequend shall today from Nordies , it goes well with my Xmas dress.

My other jean dress in previous post was very popular amongst the girls last night at our meeting,   I loved it,  I will be wearing it on my trip to Portland this December 10th . Looking forward to seeing  my friends in Portland too.

No Robyn day for me today, because the man I am renting from is home cutting up his  buck deer he shot .  He wants me to come and help him as he says (man up)  I tell him to get  in touch with his fem side, he laughs.  At least we can have talks about my being Transgenderd  He thinks by me dressing up and going out just on thrusday nights is just a “Fantasy” thing.   I asked him why he dresses up in cammo clothes and goes to his Fishing and Hunting meetings  he cant say.

Well got to run, Hugs to you all and happy parties and being out and about Girls

Love to you all




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