Monday, out shopping

5 Dec

Hi all here I am back from my shopping day its about 3:pm in the afternoon,  

I purchased from target a new black bra , a lip stick pencil to go with my lipstick, then I went to a co insment  store here In Issaquah Area , I asked the lady behind the counter if she could help me with a blouse purchase,  She casually asked if it was for me and I said Yes,  with a beat she went and we started looking, soon found a nice gold shimmering one, then a blue on,, she held them up to me and said the gold would be better so I bought it.  My my girl clothes keep getting in my closet and my boy clothes are moving to drawers .  I decided to liven up my Xmas heels with baubles and Rhine stones on the straps, (glue gun where art though) I am so looking forward to seeing my Portland Friends again, it will be worth the 350 mile drive, (round trip) 

Well off to be productive, 

oh and I got my PIC cards today   Personal Information Card I will post the front and back later, 

Hugs, to all 



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