Sitting here ta…

7 Dec

Sitting here talking to Susan Miller on Face book,  I bought a blackberry phone and docking station from yesterday, hoping i could get it unlocked to work on At and T but not, and Value village would not give my money back but exchange. So i have been looking for a pair of clogs and went and looked and there they were for 9.99 , and I needed a new nightgown so I went and found one for 9.99 too, so the exchange went well,  I immediately put on the clogs and walked out the store, laughing all the way as people were looking at me,  

Laundry done,  have to go out and start my bike, was hoping to sell it before xmas but looks like not, however if I can manifest the clogs I can manifest a buyer too.  

Oh well off to fold and put away, 

Hugs, Girls,, and btw here are a few pix of the bike, if you know anyone who wants a 1200 cc gold wing 1986 with 131k miles, i am 4th owner, bike has never been laid down. 

well it took the pix and posted it before this one,  oh well, 

Hugs, Ladies 



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