Wednesday dec 7…

8 Dec

Wednesday dec 7th 2011, 

What a day, it went fast and got dark here at 3:50 that is Sammamish wa . 

I went shopping yesterday because I thought I had found a Blackberry that I could unlock and use on my At&t service it was 21.00 with charger. However I could not do that because this blackberry was a RIM device and had no SIMM card. So back I went knowing that I could not get my 21.00 back so I had to shop at this value village store to find something that would add up to 21.00 

So first i headed to the shoes and I forgot my glasses and as I was standing in front of the the 10.5 to 11. I spied these clogs I have been looking for , for a long time,  but could not confirm the size, Then this lady appeared and I apologized and asked  her what size they were she said oh my they are 11 W.  I said perfect, she said I guess someone could wear them, I said I could and put them in the basket i had, she looked smiled and quickly left. They were only 9.99 and bran spanking new, still had the dsw tag on them so now I had to spend 10.00.  I needed a new night gown and found one the perfect on , for 9.99 bingo. Done. so for the 21.00 I got these fab clogs and a new night gown Yea,  Here at the pix of the clogs, another view


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