Just back home 189 x 2 miles from Portland Xmas Party

12 Dec

Hi all readers, 

Just got back from a 3.5 hr 189 mile drive from Portland to The room I am renting from a X neighbor, 

I loved talking again to Susan Miller she has and is an inspiration to me, I found my self in the front room by a wonderful couple but didn’t get their name She was a GG and He the TG was there in boy clothes and beard (wow that would be a lot of beard cover to use) 

I was so happy that Kathie asked me to stay the night because of the slippery roads, and by the time it was ready I did my typical mus cell testing and the answer was yes stay with them , But alas,  once the decision i then realized I had no makeup, no boy clothes, no night gown,, NADA, So failing that intial shock, it was off to bed for me, and waking , putting the girls on, the party dress on, my wig , et all , it was Fine,,, I am amazed tho when we see the Boy behind the girl how different we seem to look, 

I can hardly wait to receive the pix that Cassandra took of me (twice)  and of any other pix from the Xmas party, I want to share them with my Seattle Group, 

Here is me back , in my Victoria’s Rainbow travel makeup, this Afternoon, 

ok PIx not published here but other blog has it, 




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