Tuesday Dec 13th

13 Dec

Good Day readers, Today well I am headed to nordies (Nordstrom) to get a collar bar for my Tux, I dress in boy mode for my church Christmas nights on the 23rd and 24th as i take on my Usher duties,, ,only this time I am changing it around and my white tux shirt will be a fire engine red shirt with sparkling tie and a collar bar holding the collar up. But you ask were is my girl clothes, The skirt and heels will be in the car. the skirt is a black pleated one that goes very good with the tux coat.Under my chruch clothes as usualy are my black stockings, underwared and wireless bra. 

Thank you Victoria from Rainbow Transitions in Portland for my 2 new Girls , and the lesson on how to take care of them  , They will be waiting to slip below my red shirt , into their place of stature and off I go.  By that time I do now know if a Starbucks will be open , so I just might find my place in Dennys for morning eggs. I have no idea what that night will look like,  I do know that all congregation peoples and ushers et all go their seperate ways, because Santa will come later that morning or would that be earlier that morning . Oh well it will be what it is. 

Good day to you all , now put your mascara on, color you lips and head out the door.

Love and Light ,




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