Thursday 11:30 am PST

15 Dec

Got home from the first practice night of my churches rendition of Mr Scrooge , I operate the spot light for the church and its fun, but they wont let use use any color but white, dang.. oh well,

Yesterday I was out shopping in boy mode for my girl things, I was looking for the “face Art” i see some girls wearing around and above their eye, Bling yes,  Well at Sephora i found a nice younger lady who knew what i was talking about but didn’t know what it would look like, she passed me of to another and this lady asked if it was for me,  I said yes and handed her my  Personal Information Card. She looked at my pic on it and asked if it was me, I said Yes, its my card it is me, I am Transgenderd , she took my hand and lead me by the check stands and found some eye Bling but not what i was really looting for but for 5.00 i bought it Ten I remembered a big costume store, close by and went there.. I asked the woman behind the counter if they had such and yes they did, but again not quite what i was looking for , this was a kit with stick on jewels and sparkly paint so you could be the artist you wanted to be.  Anyway she and I got to chatting and she out rightly said is this for you, and I paused then said yes and handed her my card. She took it , then said , we do makeup and we can do what you want for 35.00 an hr, if you come dressed, with your foundation, but not eyes done, i think we could keep it less than 50.00 cost for you. So I made an appointment for this Saturday 4 pm, to get my eyes done and some Xmas Bling   Yes  Pictures posed soon, 

Hugs to you all reading this , as always feedback wanted and liked 




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