Dec 22nd Thusday

22 Dec

Good day all from the Chilly and cold Seattle  area

Yesterday was a great day in a sense that my friend IRS issue is coming to federal court, and likely to be sealed by the the judge because he will be ruling for my friend who battled the IRS and one. 

for me I found what I thought to be a sweater dress how ever its more like a long sweater, but with the magic of fabric glue I have made it a v-neck sweater dress. I am going to wear black velvet pants tucked into my boots, this dress , a turtle neck white shirt, to go on the Christmas cruise on the lake tonight but of course with mittens and a scarf . 🙂  This is the boat I and several other of us Girls will be on,  I hope its got a heater and I can find batteries for my camera,   Because parking is atriosis i am getting dressed about 4 pm to arrive at parking at 5ish the board the vessel at 7ish 

Good day to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS too 



Image area. 



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