Home from the Holidays

27 Dec

Hi Dear readers,  Sunday Christmas day I had to be in boy mode I picked up my 92 yr old father and took him around to see his “90 yr old girlfriends”  he had a lot of fun seeing them again since he moved 50 miles away to living with my brother.  I consider him at his age, MY Christmas present. 

Looking forward to getting a good night sleep, but something in this house I am renting a room from is really agrivating my system, eyes watering, sniffles, and only when I come back here. 

of course they guy i rent the room from just wants to keep the house temp at 63 deg, and I tell him it should be 68 during the day and 63 at night , but he who was born in the woods likes it cold.

Oh well I might find a kersoene heater and bring it into my room so I can have it warm 

At least I can sleep in my night gown tonight. 

Hugs All , 




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