OK, back from t…

12 Jun

OK, back from the dentist, , Pix coming tomorrow as my camera batteries died,they suck they were purchased one week ago.  Anyway , times have changed, this dentist did a quick “debreement” cleaning, (what I would call a reg 6 month cleaning) the said they would have to do a deep cleaning WTF is that I thought, and found out it would be 1200.00 out of pocket charge to me, (and 1200 profit to the dentist in cash) for them to do a standardization cleaning like my dentist did for 20 yrs before he retired…  Ok rant is over. I called them and told them about my TG and having to dress today, they were ok with it. so  I got dressed in black girl jeans, bra, breast and maroon sweater, had my earrings and makeup on my heels on  and out the door.  Pix is taken me leaving out the door,  15 minutes later I was there and , in the office and handed them my cross dressing card i had made initially.  They took it I filled out the 5 pages of info, (had to use my male name for all that) but put Robyn at the top.  There was a male there in shorts (i will call him alpha) and a woman texting , they payed  me no attention. , this ladies teenager came out and sat next to here, He gave me a look and I smiled. He looked away fast,  They called  my name as Robyn and I got up went in.   

This is interesting as I was in the chair being examined and cleaned I could swear no more that 10 people in the office came by to look at me,, The lady cleaning my teeth a Asian was laughing and said I am an oddity for no one has came into their  office before like me, when she stopped cleaning I reached into my pocket and got my card holder out and gave her my lady cards, then I told her when she can and they come by , to hand them out it will tell them about me,.. Anyway, 1.2 hrs later I was out and came back to the home where I am renting a room from.  now laundry and then write for the counselor. 

Hugs to any and all who read this,  comments as always welcome 


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