OK, back from t…

12 Jun

OK, back from the dentist, , Pix coming tomorrow as my camera batteries died,they suck they were purchased one week ago.  Anyway , times have changed, this dentist did a quick “debreement” cleaning, (what I would call a reg 6 month cleaning) the said they would have to do a deep cleaning WTF is that I thought, and found out it would be 1200.00 out of pocket charge to me, (and 1200 profit to the dentist in cash) for them to do a standardization cleaning like my dentist did for 20 yrs before he retired…  Ok rant is over. I called them and told them about my TG and having to dress today, they were ok with it. so  I got dressed in black girl jeans, bra, breast and maroon sweater, had my earrings and makeup on my heels on  and out the door.  Pix is taken me leaving out the door,  15 minutes later I was there and , in the office and handed them my cross dressing card i had made initially.  They took it I filled out the 5 pages of info, (had to use my male name for all that) but put Robyn at the top.  There was a male there in shorts (i will call him alpha) and a woman texting , they payed  me no attention. , this ladies teenager came out and sat next to here, He gave me a look and I smiled. He looked away fast,  They called  my name as Robyn and I got up went in.   

This is interesting as I was in the chair being examined and cleaned I could swear no more that 10 people in the office came by to look at me,, The lady cleaning my teeth a Asian was laughing and said I am an oddity for no one has came into their  office before like me, when she stopped cleaning I reached into my pocket and got my card holder out and gave her my lady cards, then I told her when she can and they come by , to hand them out it will tell them about me,.. Anyway, 1.2 hrs later I was out and came back to the home where I am renting a room from.  now laundry and then write for the counselor. 

Hugs to any and all who read this,  comments as always welcome 


IT has been quite a while and now I am happy

11 Jun

HI, Dear Readers,

this has been an ordeal for me to dress and post things,   However, I have made the decision to Transition and this will be  my sometimes daily and other times weekly blog

As today is Monday My counselor requested that when I awake that I put on my wig, bra, breast, makeup and present my self in all my doings today…  RUGHT ROO I have a dental apt at 2 pm,  I have called them and they are to call me back, I need to tell them that I will be in my transition mode as Robyn, and if they don’t or cant accept it, then to cancle the apt.

I will see,

Hugs for Now Robyn

Home from the Holidays

27 Dec

Hi Dear readers,  Sunday Christmas day I had to be in boy mode I picked up my 92 yr old father and took him around to see his “90 yr old girlfriends”  he had a lot of fun seeing them again since he moved 50 miles away to living with my brother.  I consider him at his age, MY Christmas present. 

Looking forward to getting a good night sleep, but something in this house I am renting a room from is really agrivating my system, eyes watering, sniffles, and only when I come back here. 

of course they guy i rent the room from just wants to keep the house temp at 63 deg, and I tell him it should be 68 during the day and 63 at night , but he who was born in the woods likes it cold.

Oh well I might find a kersoene heater and bring it into my room so I can have it warm 

At least I can sleep in my night gown tonight. 

Hugs All , 



here i am nice and warm on the 45 Williwaw in Puget sound dec 22nd

23 Dec

Here is am in my new sweater (not dress) long black pants tucked into 4″ heeld boots. I had my scarf and hat on for warmth.  Didn’t get to do much out on deck because it was about 30 deg wind blowing and we just circled around inside the other large ships,  The food was good as was the Captain she was a delight (Deb) and her deck hand were very very nice,  I have other pic’s of the other girls on board but waiting for Ok to publish them.

Today I am in outter boy mode but close in my silk undies and stockings, painted toe nails and bra, breastforms, and heels will be waiting for me in my car after my evening of ushering at my church in a brown suit .

Hugs, Girls, and MERRY CHRISTMAS


Dec 22nd Thusday

22 Dec

Good day all from the Chilly and cold Seattle  area

Yesterday was a great day in a sense that my friend IRS issue is coming to federal court, and likely to be sealed by the the judge because he will be ruling for my friend who battled the IRS and one. 

for me I found what I thought to be a sweater dress how ever its more like a long sweater, but with the magic of fabric glue I have made it a v-neck sweater dress. I am going to wear black velvet pants tucked into my boots, this dress , a turtle neck white shirt, to go on the Christmas cruise on the lake tonight but of course with mittens and a scarf . 🙂  This is the boat I and several other of us Girls will be on,  I hope its got a heater and I can find batteries for my camera,   Because parking is atriosis i am getting dressed about 4 pm to arrive at parking at 5ish the board the vessel at 7ish 

Good day to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS too 



Image area. 


Sunday evening day after Seattle Emerald City Xmas party

19 Dec

WOW , time flies,  I got home about 1 am sunday morning, got up at 6:30 said my things as I talked to the Lord, and fell back asleep until 12:30 this afternoon.  This is my party pix from last night I was like a deer caught in headlights. I had bling on my cheeks, two diamond strips of glowing beads about 3 inches long,  perhaps another pix was taken by someone else I am soon to find and will share it .

I am looking forward to being on our Christmas Cruse ship this December 22nd and I am looking for what to wear whilst on the water and look beautiful too 🙂

I am wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas

Love Robyn


Thursday 11:30 am PST

15 Dec

Got home from the first practice night of my churches rendition of Mr Scrooge , I operate the spot light for the church and its fun, but they wont let use use any color but white, dang.. oh well,

Yesterday I was out shopping in boy mode for my girl things, I was looking for the “face Art” i see some girls wearing around and above their eye, Bling yes,  Well at Sephora i found a nice younger lady who knew what i was talking about but didn’t know what it would look like, she passed me of to another and this lady asked if it was for me,  I said yes and handed her my  Personal Information Card. She looked at my pic on it and asked if it was me, I said Yes, its my card it is me, I am Transgenderd , she took my hand and lead me by the check stands and found some eye Bling but not what i was really looting for but for 5.00 i bought it Ten I remembered a big costume store, close by and went there.. I asked the woman behind the counter if they had such and yes they did, but again not quite what i was looking for , this was a kit with stick on jewels and sparkly paint so you could be the artist you wanted to be.  Anyway she and I got to chatting and she out rightly said is this for you, and I paused then said yes and handed her my card. She took it , then said , we do makeup and we can do what you want for 35.00 an hr, if you come dressed, with your foundation, but not eyes done, i think we could keep it less than 50.00 cost for you. So I made an appointment for this Saturday 4 pm, to get my eyes done and some Xmas Bling   Yes  Pictures posed soon, 

Hugs to you all reading this , as always feedback wanted and liked